Introduction to CMOO


Welcome to the Children’s Museum of Oswego (CMOO) blog! CMOO began as a vision to enrich the lives of children in Central New York. There is a desire to enhance opportunities for families where they can spend time together, learn, and have fun. Through tireless work, fundraising, and community involvement, the CMOO director and board have catapulted the museum into the forefront of the Oswego community.

CMOO is a non-profit organization that is enabling the children of Oswego and other communities to learn through play.  CMOO is a traveling museum setting up exhibits at many different events around town such as the Warm Up Oswego Festival, Harborfest, TriOswego, Oswego PumpkinFest, Bucfest and the farmer’s market. They also recently held a weeklong event at the McCrobie building during winter vacation. The Children’s Museum is currently in the process of obtaining a permanent location, and in the meantime they can be found at nearly all of Oswego’s family friendly events to engage and delight the children of Oswego.

Play is an essential learning tool for children; in fact it is truly the most innate way for them to learn. The Children’s Museum offers unique experiences and activities that are not normally found within the classroom.  CMOO is providing our youth with the opportunity to problem solve, think critically and engage in kinesthetic learning. These are the kinds of skills that kids are going to need as adults in a creativity-centered workforce that is becoming more and more of a necessity to solve the intricate problems of the future.

There are experiments to be done, discoveries to be made and imaginations to develop at CMOO.  This blog will be one way that you can keep informed about upcoming events. In addition, this will serve as a place to read about educational ideas such as sustainability, gardening, crafts, science experiments and various other topics.

If you are interested in being part of helping this amazing organization, you can contact them through this blog or at

Harborfest -1-16


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