Monthly Archives: June 2014

Power of Produce

(Photo Credit: Mother Earth News)


Summer is finally here and I am so excited for some fresh, healthy, local options to eat. My family has decided to plant a little garden in the backyard this year. We are not known to have the greenest of thumbs around here, so we are cautiously optimistic that we can grow something. We planted corn, beans and watermelon. We have some sprouts coming up and that good rain last night was definitely helpful.


For those of you who aren’t planting your own garden but still crave some fresh and delicious produce, look no further than our local farmer’s market. CMOO has a wonderful new program this year called POP! which stands for Power of Produce. They will be at the farmer’s market every other week and they will have some kind of activity for your children to complete. When they do the activity, they will be given tokens which they can use to purchase fresh, healthy produce from some of the other farmer’s market vendors. They can either use the tokens as they earn them, or they can save them up so they can get a lot of produce at once. How great is that?!


What an excellent way to get kids excited about eating healthy and making their own choices of what kind of produce they want to purchase. It gives them a little control over their own lives and hopefully it will give them a lifelong love of eating healthy, eating local, and supporting the farms in their community. I can’t wait to bring my girls to do these activities. They will have such a ball doing the fun activities and getting to choose what they want to buy with their tokens. Hope to see you all there!