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Bash The Trash!

Is this season getting you down? Summer seems like a mirage on the horizon and while spring is technically here, it sure doesn’t feel like it. And all the fun winter activities have long since passed. Well CMOO has just the thing for you! Round up the kids, bundle up, (or maybe you won’t have to?!) and head out to our Bash The Trash event.

What is Bash The Trash you ask? It is a group of performers who travel to different locations making music made of recycled materials. Before the performance, they hold a workshop so that the children can make their own instruments out of recycled materials. They then use those instruments later on, during the audience participation portion of the performance.

Besides promoting creativity and musicality, Bash The Trash also promotes taking care of our planet by recycling and sustainability. Sustainability is defined as: involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources. For example, when eating dinner, using cloth napkins instead of paper ones. BTT is a wonderful way to get children excited about being stewards of the environment, especially right before Earth Day.

This event will take place on Saturday,  April 12th at 2pm on the Oswego University campus in the Hewitt Union Ballroom. Parking will be available at no cost. The cost to attend the event will be $5. This event is being sponsored by Dynamic Automotive and Home Accessories, A&J Music, The Oswego Lions Club, Oswego County Environmental Management Council and SUNY Oswego Sustainability Council. The event was made possible in part by a grant by CNY Arts. For more information on Bash The Trash, check out their website at


Also check out http://www.cmoo.org/calendar/

This is going to be a really fun way to spend a not-quite-spring day with your kids. We hope to see you all there! 🙂